Iz ruralnog razvoja

European Rural Parliament as guiding principle

The First European Rural Parliament was held in Brussels on 13 On November 2013. European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). At a rally that brought together over 150 rural development stakeholders from across Europe, Croatia was represented by members of the REFLECTION and HMRR-Croatian network for rural Development. [Gdlr_space height = "30px"] [Gdlr_quote align = "center"] The First results of the ERP indicate, inter alia, the need for a more active role for the civil sector in the adoption of European and local rural development policies. [/gdlr_quote] [Gdlr_space height = "30px"] It was both plenary and working groups, which will continue to work further on the topics discussed in Brussels. One of the more prominent presentations was held by Michael Dower of ECOVAST International, titled ' All Europe shall Live '. The Basic conclusions of the ERP can be read HERE. More Detailed Conclusions will be available in mid-December 2013. It was Alive and in the breaks, it was an opportunity to meet with colleagues from the environment and across Europe, exchange experiences and negotiate joint activities. The participants ' Conclusion was that it was nice and useful to meet so many enthusiastic, innovative and valuable people from all over Europe. All information about the ERP, which will be organized regularly and in the coming years, can be traced on the official website of the European Rural Parliament, where a statement adopted by the participants can be found, which discusses the vision of rural Europe and its achievement Through partnership. [Gdlr_divider type = "dotted"] Downloaded from: