Iz ruralnog razvoja

Croatia needs a clear strategy to develop rural space

On the Second day of the first Croatian rural Parliament, a discussion was made on the agenda with representatives of the EU Parliament, ministries and members of the EESC and thematic field workshops in eight locations. As the introduction of Marijana Petir, a Croatian europarlamentark whose segment of action is precisely agriculture and rural Development, the EU appreciates the one who produces food and seeks to preserve the rural area. But, she added, we haven't used those options yet. -We Had opportunities, but the rural development programme of the REPUBLIC of Croatia has been returned to refinement. The Last information I have says it will be accepted in early May, we have to wait for a new financial framework because we are late–argued Petir, adding that in June, however, some funds might be available. She Therefore called on all those who can and must allow the preparation of the projects to welcome that moment, stressing that we cannot expect the villagers to write their own projects. -I Hope that, among others, the lags will help with their knowledge and experience, because before us is a great opportunity to take advantage of – she said, adding that we need a clear rural strategy, which, unfortunately, is still not seen. Thus, she noted, encounters such as this in Beli Manastir are significant. Responding to a journalist's inquiry to see the situation in rural areas in the REPUBLIC of Croatia, Europarlamentist Jozo Radoš stressed that none of our policies have so far failed to significantly contribute to the faster development of rural areas and preserve the people in them. -The preservation of rural areas should include all segments-he said, adding that he personally deals with the EU Parliament in the maximal introduction of the Internet to rural areas, a small but significant part of its development and convergence of urban environments. He Also welcomed the maintenance of the first Croatian rural Parliament, which ends tomorrow with the presentation of the results of the field workshops and the adoption of the Declaration. Ivica Getto/Glas Slavonija