Iz ruralnog razvoja

Declaration as a result of the first Croatian rural Parliament

The Adoption of the Declaration, which will be addressed to decision-makers at the EU, national and local levels, finished the first Croatian rural Parliament, which in three days tried to answer the question of how to keep the youth in the rural area. According To Visnja Jelić Mück, president of the Croatian Network for rural development, they have collected a lot of answers to various questions. -Rural space is diverse, there is not only one answer and we do not want a response from ' center ', but ' from below ', from those looking for work, which we want to keep, which we want to return. I'm Impressed by the multitude of answers we've been given. We've Collected something we need to further build, network, promote and share. You Will not believe how many examples are already showing the way, she said, stressing that the Declaration of the SAIS is the main message, for example, how to work together and how to strengthen the voice "from below". She said the political summit must be heard and more sensitized to accept that voice. -It is a Very important message that we have repeated here many times that local rural development stakeholders must participate in strengthening their voice, must educate themselves and formulate their desires and ideas-emphasised, underscoring that it is extremely satisfied with the large number of Participants of which was 200. Speaking of "The voice of the bottom", the Prefect of Osijek-Baranja Vladimir Šišljagic stressed that he should have been heard a long time ago. He Argued that decisions related to the development of rural areas should be taken in such areas, as people in the field know best what problems they encounter and how to solve them. -Croatia needs decentralisation of decision-making-he said. On the First Day, a plenary session was held, as well as a series of introductory speeches. Winners of the competition for the best ideas and projects of youth employment in the rural area were also Presented, while the rural café exchanged views on selected rural development issues. In the afternoon and evening hours there is a fair of LAG, numerous Baranja OPG's and Rich gastrophocles. On the Second day, a conversation was held with representatives of the ministries, EU Parliaments and EESC members. The Second Croatian Parliament will be held in two years, and the first participants called it the beginning of one long-term process. Organizers 1. The Croatian rural Parliament was the Croatian network for rural Development, the Association for creative development Waterfall, LAG Baranja and the Town of Beli Manastir, and sponsor Osijek-Baranja county. Ivica Getto/Glas Slavonija