Iz ruralnog razvoja

Invitation to prepare posters: Interdisciplinary cooperation to better quality of life in rural areas

We Announce the invitation to present scientific and professional projects in the framework of the Special poster-section "Interdisciplinary cooperation to better quality of life in rural areas" as part of the second Croatian rural Parliament. The Call is intended for scientists and experts of all professions who contribute to the development of rural space by their scientific or professional projects-for example geographers, agronomists, spatial planners, architects, conservators, sociologists, ethnologists, various Technical profession, etc. We Invite You to present in the poster section your scientific research projects, scientific papers as well as professional works and projects that deal with rural areas or contribute to the improvement of living conditions in the rural area.

  • The Deadline for submitting the poster theme is 20. On March 2017. You will receive a Notification of acceptance 1. On April 2017.

The Poster-section will be a special part of the event of the second Croatian rural Parliament, where we expect about 250 participants-rural development stakeholders from Croatia and abroad. Organisers will ensure that the posters are exposed to all three days of maintenance. As part Of the first day, the poster-section will have a special term in which the authors will have the opportunity to personally present their projects or works. The Posters that are delivered and in digital form will be published on the website of the Croatian rural Parliament. You can find More information about the registration instructions and the technical Instructions for preparing the poster: