Iz ruralnog razvoja

Look at the poster section on the topic of better quality of life in rural areas

In The second Croatian rural Parliament, the Poster-section of Interdisciplinary cooperation to better quality of life in rural areas was held. Eighteen interesting scientific and professional projects were exposed to all three days of Parliament, and participants had the opportunity to talk to authors and to agree on some future co-operation. 1. Biogas Action-Launcher of development of biogas production Authors: Biljana Kulišić, Matko Perović, Dinko Đurđević/Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar Contact: 2. Gmajne along the Mura River in the past, present and future Authors: Mihaela Mesarić, Zoran Šardi/Međimurska Nature-Public Institution for Nature Protection Contact: 3. Research of rural settlements, architecture and local knowledge about space as a basis for the development of regeneration and development strategies Authors: Sanja Lončar/Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, Department of ethnology and cultural anthropology Contact: 4. Cultural landscape of the olive groves of the island of Kornat Authors: Jelena Grlić Radman, Vesna Košcak Miočić-Stošić/Project Perivoj d.o.o., Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb Contact: 5. Possibility of interpolation of deer farming of plain, bovine and batate on the family economy Authors: D. Konjević, M. Bujanić, L. Manojlović, I. Letec, N. Šprem, K. Krapinec, D. Uher/Veterinary faculty, University of Zagreb, Vincenta od Kastav, OG Letec, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb Contact: 6. Potential of establishment of tourism companies based on the needs of local communities in rural areas Authors: Jelena Đurkin, Marko Perić, Jelena Kljaić Šebrek/Faculty of management in tourism and hospitality, Opatija-FMTU (University of Rijeka) Contact: 7. Historical-spatial analysis of the Nowhere Mirkovac-the basis for reflection of future development authors: Dina Stober, Mirela Ravas/Faculty of Civil Engineering Osijek, University of Osijek Strossmayer in Zagreb Contact: 8. Application of investments in the construction of multi-purpose forest roads from rural development programmes Authors: Kruno Lepoglavec, Hrvoje Nevecerel/Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb Contact: 9. The Distribution and typological characteristics of the historical building structures in the cultural landscape of the Dubrovnik Litica (the Substrate for the regulation of small settlements) + 2. Part of the Authors: MINERVA d.o.o. Dubrovnik, Ivana Tutek and Nedjeljka Bobanović/Department of spatial planning Dubrovnik-Nerevanska County Contact: 10. Development of rural Entrepreneurship: Rural entrepreneurial incubator ' ' Centre of Krk ' ' by Sandra Jakopec, Mirela Ćordaš, Ivana Vest, Vlatka Žunec, Marijana Zlre/APE d.o.o. Contact: 11. Revitalization of Baranja Pustres-Citizens ' initiative "Do not tear down the old Baranja! Authors: Mislav Matišić, Dinko Pešić, Jesenka Ricl, Luka Jakopčić/nature and Environment protection Association Zeleni Osijek, Croatian Society of Cultural Tourism, Crocultour, Recider Projekt d.o.o. Zagreb Contact: 12. Revitalization of protected cultural goods: Eco Museum of the Desert Blaca Authors: Sandra Jakopec, Mirela Ćordaš, Ivana Vest Ov, Marijana Zlre/APE d.o.o. Contact: 13. Secondary Housing and social sustainability of local communities in Croatia Authors: Geran-Marko Miletić, Antun Plenković/Institute of social Sciences Ivo Pilar Contact: 14. Simulation of changes in land use and land cover in Požega-Slavonia County Authors: Tomislav Jogun, Aleksandar Lukić, Mateo Gašparović/University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Geographical section; Geodesy faculty, Department of Cartography and Photogrametry, Chair for photogrametry and remote sensing Contact: 15. Urban planning and revitalization of protected historical rural units: Urbanistic Plan of settlement Velo Grablje with Conservatory Foundation Authors: Sandra Jakopec, Mirela Ćordaš, Nikša Bozic/APE d.o.o. Contact: 16. Influence of cooperatives on rural and regional development of Croatian Authors: Dane Pejnović, Petar Radeljak Kaufmann, Aleksandar Lukić/University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Geographical section Contact: 17. Imagine Slavonian! Authors: David Furlan, Mislav Matisic, Andrea Veselčić, Sven Simov, Luka Jakopčić/Furlan Consulting Business Consulting, Recider Projekt d.o.o., Urbanex d.o.o. Contact: 18. Significance of European union funds for the development of family farms: example of Krapina-Zagorje County Authors: Kristina Jajtić/Geographical section of Faculty of Natural Sciences Contact: