Over the past 30 years, there has been a growing awareness that rural development can only be achieved through people from rural areas, as opposed to previous attempts to stimulate development through external incentives. The Government and state organisations have failed to attempt to spur the rural village to positive growth and development. The conclusion was that people from the rural regions of Europe must become the primary drivers of their own development and not just passive beneficiaries of state measures and incentives. From This reflection came the idea of a rural parliament-an event that would encourage rural residents to take their own future into their own hands and to drive their ideas into the development of their rural homeland.

Inspired by rural parliaments that have been held throughout Europe, the Croatian Network for rural Development has felt the need and the desire to organise such a parliament in Croatia with a clear goal: to hear the voice of the rural area of Croatia. Thus HMRR became the founder and initiator of the Croatian rural parliaments-HRP.

The First Croatian Rural Parliament-How to keep young people in the rural area?

The First HRP was held in Beli Manastir and Baranja 2015. Year (16th 18. (April). The Organizer was HMRR with partners: Association for Creative Development Waterfall, Osijek, Grad Beli Manastir and LAG Baranja.

The First HRP marked the beginning of the process of strengthening and linking local rural communities in a joint reflection and seeking answers to the challenges of the development of Croatian rural areas. Organisers wanted to point out the importance of the rural area for a holistic and sustainable development on the entire territory of Croatia.

The First HRP was concluded by the adoption of the Declaration, which was delivered to decision-makers at national and local level. Also, the message of rural Croatia was presented in the second European rural Parliament, which was held in Austria in the same year.

Second Croatian Rural Parliament-Cooperation to complete development!

At First, the Second HRP, whose organizers were the Croatian network for rural Development, the LAG Međimurski Doli and Bregi, the Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri, the LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin, co-organised the Network for rural development alongside the household of Međimurje County in Sveti Martin na Muri (20. 22. April 2017.)

Over 300 participants from all parts of Croatia Participated: lags and other associations dealing with rural development, professional and scientific organizations, representatives of ministries and state administrative bodies, local government units, entrepreneurs, Agricultural producers, craftsmen and other rural development stakeholders. The Result of Parliament was the adoption of the Declaration of the second Croatian rural Parliament.

As part Of the Second Croatian Rural Parliament, study visits were organised with examples of good practice called Međimurje on the palm of the hand.


The Three-day activities of the second Croatian Parliament included a poster section titled "Interdisciplinary Cooperation to better quality of life in rural areas" within which 18 interesting scientific and professional projects were exhibited and Nine thematic workshops were held in nine different field locations in Međimurje.

Rural Parliaments in Croatia have marked the beginning of the process of reflection, discussion and negotiation of a common path towards the sustainable future of rural Croatia. The HMRR is responsible for maintaining this process, continuously encouraging the search for solutions for key rural development issues, informing and animating rural communities, and involving all other rural development stakeholders and in future parliaments. We have Tried and confirmed in practice the successful model of organizing the rural Parliament. We will also transfer This experience to other areas of rural Croatia.